Sharad Cornejo Altuzar


Sheriff Jr vs the Mummies

"Sheriff Jr vs the Mummies" is a beat 'em up action game written in C# using XNA Game Studio. Originally planned as a co-op beat 'em up in the style of "Bad Dudes" its a work in progress. The basic 2d engine is finished and so is the basic enemy AI.

  • Implements a Service Locator pattern to avoid the creation of global static/Singletons such as the "Sound/ParticleManager" classes. This allows a very clean way to disable classes by registering a Mock Service.
  • Character movements/actions are described in a Command-Based Scripting language. This allows easy customization of actions such as "If hit connects Start Blood particles and push enemy 10 pixels"
  • Simple HLSL shaders for special effects such as "Sepia/Black and White/Movement Blur".
  • Lots of programmer art :)


Title Screen for Sheriff Jr vs The Mummies Sheriff Jr Attacking back
Sheriff Jr attacked by mummies Sheriff Jr Special Attack