Sharad Cornejo Altuzar

Games I've developed during the past few years


Sheriff Jr vs The Mummies   
Wrath Against Time

Wrath Against Time is a beat em' up inspired by the spirit of old school games. Developed with C#, XNA and MonoGame. More information...

Run Puppy, Run!   
Run Puppy, Run!

A very fun action game that is perfect for kids of all ages. Developed for Windows Phone devices. More information...

Sheriff Jr vs The Mummies   
Retro Pixels / WallCrash

Game for the lover of simple retro action games. Developer for Android and Windows Phone devices More information...

Sheriff Jr Attacking back   
Sheriff Junior vs the Mummies

This is a 2d game implemented in C# using XNA Game Studio. It features particles/HLSL effects/Command-based scripts/etc. More information...