Sharad Cornejo Altuzar

DirectX Projects

Brute vs Force

Brute vs Force is a 3d fighting game. The player is pitted against another fighter in a fight to death.

There are two characters to choose from: the Troll and the Wizard. Each of them needs a different strategy to win the fight.

In this version of the game two players are implemented, each with one attacking move.

The program follows a Client-Server architecture. Communication is through sockets (UDP).

  • Uses the following technologies: C++ and Direct3d 9c.
  • It's implemented as a Client-Server App on top of UDP. The Network Manager supports both reliable and unreliable messages.
  • Implements the State Machine Language as described by Steve Rabin in the AI Game Programming Wisdom series.
  • Particle system for environmental effects such as rain or snow as well as for special attacks.
  • Animated Skinned Meshes


Game Installer


Title Player Idle Big Guy
Attacking Client/Server You Win